Our very own 'Letter from America'!

Dearest Wendy and all at MEFA and all in the toddler afternoon group!!!

Hello from Boston and sorry it's taken me so long to write after our move. It has been a hectic and crazy six months since Rafa was born, and three months since we moved here, and I'm just beginning to feel as though things are settling into their 'groove' a bit more. We travelled up to Vermont a few weeks ago and in a very small village found a tiny toy store that sold your bells! I was so excited, having been part of the big quest to work out where to buy them from when we first started coming to your group. I hope they are in a league with your original ones - i.e. correctly tuned and as long-lasting. I bought a set for us and have sent one for you too to keep as a back up should your beloved bells ever give up the ghost. I posted them a week ago, so they should be with you now and, if not, very very soon.

Suffice to say that they are a small token of our thanks for all your time and teaching when we were with you. I think I'm a better mother for having my Montessori ideas implanted in my head (particularly ideas about 'letting me do it myself' and the idea of babies as young people waiting to grow up - the idea that you can find ways to trust in them and their abilities and don't assume that they can't do things, because they'll suprise you.) Xavi is full of happiness and confidence in the world and Rafael is benefitting all the time too. I've made him some 'sensory' boxes with items in that I think he'll find of interest, and he sits happily exploring them. I also, from very very early on, put him on his tummy as much as possible and was able to explain to Maurice the importance of building up his physical strength, particularly in his back, for all his later learning and development. We also now always do reading together, with me incorporating 'the very hungry caterpillar', 'each peach pear plum' and 'peepo' (now all designated as Rafa's books) into our reading so that they both get to listen and enjoy them together. And I sit, as you do Wendy, facing them and remembering what you said about the importance of them being able to see your face as you read the story. And the importance of the 'beat' of the words and sentences and how the sound of a read story is different to that of our everyday conversation. Xavi is so verbal, using a few French words, understanding everything that Maurice says to him, really into puzzles and fire engines and making up games with his playdo and duplex.

And so, here we are. We living a lovely part of Boston and have spied a few Montessori schools in the neighbourhood. Wendy and friends, we are doing fine. Very excited to be here and loving life in Boston. Missing our friends and family at home. I feel sad at the thought of having never made it in to properly say goodbye to you all before we left, but know that we carry you all with us, every day here as our life unfolds.

Sending you lots of love across the miles and hope that you are all doing well.

Becky, Xavier, Rafael and Maurice