MEfA Pastoral Care and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

MEfA Pastoral Care

MEfA's Academic Director oversees the pastoral system, providing for each student (whether child or adult) a framework of induction, guidance, monitoring and support. All MEfA staff and volunteers contribute to this programme.

 The Key Rules in our groups are:

 ·            Accentuate the positive and the positive will grow

·         Accentuate the good and the good will grow

·         Look for the child within

·         Follow the child

Encouragement balances sanctions and our overriding aim is to emphasise the positive and good in all that happens in our groups.

 MEfA works closely with the local community through voluntary service, charity campaigns and leading workshops on topical themes. All adults and children in our groups have a part to play and take responsibility for their own development whilst being aware of the needs of others.

 The MEfA Personal, Social and Health Education programme

  • Involves adults and children working closely within a group and becoming a supportive network for each other.
  • Develops social skills, communication skills, decision making skills and study skills.
  • Prepares adults and children for the demands of life outside school, particularly in the areas of personal health, education, family responsibilities and living within the community.
  • Challenges assumptions and prejudices and play a part in helping adults and children to develop their own opinions and lifestyles.
  • Encourages children's and families' self-assessments as part of the process of evaluating outcomes and developing a Record of Achievement.
  • Contains an organised set of topics covering the new national PSHE framework, including citizenship, health, and social and moral issues.