Could you be a MEfA Trustee?

In line with good practice MEfA is always striving to strengthen the expertise of its Board of Trustees. This page tells you more about being a Trustee, but first let us introduce you to the current MEfA Board of Trustees:  

Chair: Position Vacant

Executive Trustees:  Wendy Fidler (UK); Roger Patenall (UK); Shalini Modi (India); 

Non-Executive Trustees: Ashok Kumar (India); Rachel Spooner (UK); Dave Stott (New Zealand); Delphine Marcillaud (France)

Here is some information from the Charity Commission website:

Charity trustees are the people who serve on the governing body of a charity. They come from all walks of life and almost everyone has abilities, knowledge or experience that they can bring to a charity. Being a trustee should be rewarding and enjoyable, and an opportunity to make a positive difference and serve the community while learning new skills. A strong personal commitment to the charity's aims is important.Most trustees are unpaid volunteers, but trustees are allowed to be reimbursed for reasonable expenses; there is no reason for trustees to be out-of-pocket. Trustees have duties and responsibilities to their charity, its supporters and beneficiaries. If you have recently become a trustee, or even if you have been a trustee for years, it is important that you are aware of these and we encourage you to read our guidance:

CC3a - The Essential Trustee: An introduction (Jan 2018)

 MEfA Trustees are invited to four Trustee Board Meetings per year An Annual General Meeting (AGM), to which all members of the charity are invited, precedes one of the trustee meetings. Sometimes MEfA Trustees are unable to attend in person, for example, we have a number of International Trustees.

Agenda, minutes and full notes are distributed well in advance and comments and ideas are invited, although we do encourage our trustees to attend in person whenever possible. Sometimes the Board of Trustees meets by telephone conference or staggered email. We do this to ensure that all our trustees are able to participate fully.

The organic activities of MEfA develop as funds, expertise and demand continues to grow. MEfA considers this to be the normal holistic growth of a dynamic organisation. MEfA does expect its trustees to consider and contribute to the discussion concerning any new activity or direction that the charity wishes to take. Indeed pro-activity in the development of the charity by its trustees is welcomed. If you are interested in joining the MEfA Board of Trustees, please email the Chairman of the Board of MEfA Trustees via the website:

Alternatively, please send a letter of enquiry to: The Chairman of The Board of Trustees, Montessori House, 135 Westcombe Hill, Blackheath, Royal Borough of Greenwich, London SE3 7DP