Could you be a MEfA Intern?

 What do our interns say? MEfA Graduate and Intern  Agnieszka Krasowska:

"Wendy explained in detail early warning signs of developmental problems, what to pay specific attention to in every stage of the development, what a normally developing child is expected to achieve at every stage of development, how to approach and how to interact with a child with developmental issues, how to help and educate parents of a child with developmental issues, how to effectively use Montessori method to recognize, help and overcome various developmental issues as early as possible.

Wendy's approach to classroom-based training was absolutely parallel with everything I have learned while assisting her in the research project. Most of the material that Wendy conveyed in the classroom she was also able to demonstrate in real life during special evaluations, interviews and through her interaction with children during weekly class activities. Observing the theory being transformed into practice right in front of me was extremely educational and one of the most effective ways I have ever learned.

I learned a lot about Maria Montessori and her unique approach to education and therapy. Her focus on the cultivation of natural desire to learn was something that changed my personal approach to life. This experience made me want to explore her methods and philosophy even more and solidified my desire to pursue a career in psychology. I think that everyone in the group was taking on special responsibilities when it was needed. It was a true team approach to every challenge and wearing many hats while assisting Wendy with her project was essential.

I really enjoyed learning through hands on experience. Being able to observe class activities and track progress of each child individually. Being involved in interviews, consultations and assessments was an extremely valuable experience and completely redefined my opinion about therapy. The opportunity to observe Wendy's ability to touch people;s lives and giving them hope during a difficult time was an incredible experience and it definitely had an impact on my thoughts regarding a career change."