Montessori Education for Autism (MEfA) post-graduate CPD certificate in Special Educational Needs Part 1: A Blueprint for Observation-  Student Cohort 20 Commencing Saturday 4th January 2020

The MEfA Montessori post graduate SEN CPD short course - Part 1: A Blueprint for Observation focuses on the physiological, neural and psychological development of babies and children. The taught sessions are accompanied by projects which show how students are able to use their Montessori insights to further their own professional development. 

If you have studied to masters level, have a strong interest in Montessori education and/or autism, and the work of MEfA, and if you wish to develop your own professional practice, MEfA would like to hear from you!

MEfA Students in Cohort 20 will commence Saturday 4th January 2020: please register your interest as soon as possible.

Course Information:

The twelve week course comprises attendance at Montessori House* on six consecutive Saturdays for intensive theory tuition and pedagogical practice. This is followed by a six-week personal project. 

During the course students study:

·         An overview of Montessori Education

·         An overview of Neural Development

·         How the Montessori Materials support children's healthy physiological, neural and psychological development

·         Practice using the Montessori Pedagogical Materials

·         Use of Montessori Materials in mainstream and non-Montessori environments

·         Attention Deficit Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Sensory Processing Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Synaesthesia

·         Therapeutic use of diet, art, movement, dance, colour, music, multi-sensory environments

·         Video and narrative Case Studies

·         A Literature Review to support our learning

All materials provided are subject to copyright law.

Full course notes are supplied. One copy of each literary source is available for use during the course sessions and also during open sessions at Montessori House. A full bibliography of literature reviewed will be built during the course and students may wish to purchase their own copies of some of the books. Some students like to take notes on their own laptop they are welcome to do so. Paper and pencils will also be available.

Students are required to attend all 6 sessions. The individual project is designed to show how each student has built on and developed his/her professional skills, knowledge and understanding in the light of new knowledge garnered during the course; i.e. continuing professional development.

Successful students receive a certificate and are entitled to add PGCert SEN (MEfA) to their academic credentials.

Course Fees:

The fee structure for Cohort 20 is as follows:

Registration Fee: £90.00 (non-refundable)

Tuition and Materials Fee: £570.00

Project Supervision Fee: £90.00


For further information, application form and MEfA Bank Transfer details, please contact MEfA Academic Director, Wendy Fidler on 0208 305 2202 or 07710 433 994 or